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Climbing Safety Recall

We received a recall notice from DBI-Sala for their Lad-Saf Sleeve used in conjunction with the safety climb cable on water tank ladders. The recall indicates the unit functions as designed, however due to outside interferences, such as clothing, hands or ropes, the unit may not function correctly and may have contributed to falls. DBI-Sala has redesigned the unit to avoid such interference and will replace existing units free of charge.

Follow this link for a copy of the recall notice with the part numbers included in the recall  

We recommend that you review your climbing gear stock to determine if you received a DBI-Sala Lad-Saf Sleeve and if it matches one of the part numbers listed. If it matches we recommend not using the sleeve and to reach out to DBI-Sala to request a replacement unit(s). Customer Service information is listed on the recall notice.




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